Estimate the Renovation Costs for Homes on Zillow. Instant and Free.

Remodel It estimates renovation costs for fixer uppers. As you consider updating a house, the kitchen and bathrooms are a great place to start. Remodel It’s cost calculator uses the Zillow listing to provide you with a ballpark estimate so you can make a more informed decision when purchasing your next home.

How It Works

Paste a Zillow Link

Find a property that you’re interested in and copy and paste the URL into Remodel It.

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Remodel It's calculator will estimate ballpark renovation costs for the house in seconds. For free!

Frequently Asked Questions


Buying a new house is a big decision, so get estimates for as many properties as you need to find the right one for you.

Find Contractors

Once you’ve purchased your home and are ready to start your renovation, we'll help you find the contractors that best fit your project.


Searching for the right home takes time, we get it. We built Remodel It’s renovation estimator so that home buyers can get the information they need, when they need it. Our tool uses Zillow listings to create and adjust renovation estimates to your needs instantly. No need to waste time sitting through multiple sales calls or waiting around for contractors to call you back with ballparks. When you’re ready to build your budget, we’re here to help.



Each renovation is unique to the home. Compare multiple properties listed on Zillow to see which would be the best fit for your budget and style. Our cost estimating tool analyzes the property photos and zip code data to provide you with a remodeling cost estimate unique to that property. 


We work with a wide range of renovation budgets so our tool can be adjusted based on the finished product you are looking for. Whether you want to upgrade a room to new stock materials or are looking to invest in a luxurious design with high end finishes, we can provide the right estimate for your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Are you planning to add real estate sites other than Zillow?

Definitely. Zillow is the first listing site we support, but we plan to expand within the next few months. Stay tuned!

How does Remodel It calculate the renovation estimates?

Remodel It uses artificial intelligence to detect objects and features as well as factors like quality, condition, materials, room size, and more to estimate the cost of the renovation projects. These estimates are based on the location of the property and renovation cost data supplied by a 3rd party. The estimates are the average costs of labor and materials for that particular project. These costs do not include costs associated with changes to the room size, floorplan or structure; design or engineering fees or building permit fees; and/or major electrical or plumbing upgrades. Individual contractor estimates will vary.

Do the estimates vary by geographic area?

Yes, renovation costs are very local by nature. We use your zip code to provide the most relevant local data.

How does Remodel It judge the quality level of homes?

Our AI uses the photos you provide to categorize the property as one of six quality levels. Luxury Unique homes individually designed by an architect. Fully custom high end materials and designer finishes. Renovations are purely cosmetic due to personal preferences. Custom Custom designed home with mostly detailed custom finishes and high cost materials. Expect mostly cosmetic renovations. Semi Custom This house is move-in ready with semi-custom materials and finishes. Renovations are mainly cosmetic Stock This house is move-in ready with stock finishes and materials but still has a lot of opportunity. Plus, it’s easy to Remodel It. Economy This house is a fixer-upper with basic finishes and low cost materials but it has tons of potential! Disrepair This house is in rough shape. Tear it down or gut it and Remodel It!

How can I connect with contractors to get my project started?

Simply fill out our onboarding survey to provide us with details on your preferences, personal style, and project and we will match you with contractors on our platform. The survey can be found here.

Make it Even Easier With Our Browser Extension 

Simply visit the Chrome store and install the Remodel It Browser Extension (it’s also free!). Search for properties on Zillow and click the extension to analyze the property and get instant renovation estimates without ever leaving Zillow.

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