Know your costs before you get started on your next renovation. 

I couldn’t decide between 2 properties. One was a little more expensive and mostly renovated, just 1 bathroom still needed to be renovated. The other was much cheaper and needed more work. Remodel Its estimates helped me find the confidence to buy that fixer upper!

Dan Reddington

See What They're Saying

Woah! My new neighbor told me about Remodel It so I checked it out. Im not buying a house, and my house photos aren’t on Zillow so I uploaded my own photos. Amazing! Ill be using this to find contractors for my kitchen renovation.

Amelia Banks

Its not perfect, its only a general estimate so I guess it isn’t supposed to be perfect, but I used the estimates it gave me to negotiate the purchase price down. I cant complain about that! Ill definitely be using this to connect with contractors when we’re ready to start our projects.

James Romero