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Save yourself 5-10 hours of budgeting, by letting our artificial intelligence give you a headstart! Using your property photos and zip code, our AI provides an instant, customized estimate. 

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How It Works

Step 1


Upload project photos

Snap a few photos of your kitchen or bathroom. Our AI uses the photos to identify the layout and quality of the current room. 

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Get instant estimate

Our AI-powered renovation calculator will ballpark renovation costs and provide design inspiration in seconds.

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Step 3

Find contractors

When you're ready to start your renovation, we'll vet certified contractors for your project and share our short recommended list. 

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Why Remodel It


Upload your photos so our AI can assess the current room. Then use our cost estimator to instantly select what updates are most important and adjust your estimate. No need to waste time sitting through multiple sales calls or waiting around for contractors to call you back with ballparks. When you’re ready to estimate costs, we’re here to help.


Each home and renovation is unique. Our cost estimating tool analyzes YOUR property photos to determine the layout and current property quality as well as local data for YOUR zip code to provide you with a remodeling cost estimate for YOUR project. 


We work with a wide range of renovation budgets, so you can adjust our tool based on the quality of the finished product you’re looking for. Whether you want to upgrade a room to new stock materials or are looking to invest in a luxurious design with high-end finishes, we can provide the right estimate for your needs. 

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